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*Xplornet satellite Internet plans are subject to change without notice. Online speeds vary based on your choice of package, technical configuration, Internet traffic, server and/or other factors. Xplornet service connection may be placed in a limited state once monthly bandwidth is exceeded depending on the plan option (LS or UBB) chosen by customer. Customers that have chosen the unlimited state plan (UBB) will pay additional data charges per GB when exceeding their monthly bandwidth included in their Xplornet plan. Satellite Internet plans are subject to Xplornet's Traffic Management Policy. All Internet customers are subject to Xplornets Terms of Service. A static IP address is only available in certain areas of New Brunswick and is not available on all satellite platforms. Please contact Source One Satellite for service availability. Installation of satellite service requires a clear-line-of-sight to the southern sky.

Xplornet's satellite Internet service is a good choice if you do not live within an LTE Internet zone.

Because satellite Internet plans tend to have less data included compared to Xplornet's LTE Internet plans, LTE is usually the best way to go if the service is available at your address. However, if satellite Internet is your only option, it's still a good choice. Satellite Internet is available where a clear-line-of-sight to the southern sky is possible. This gives satellite Internet an advantage over LTE Internet which must connect to a signal transmitting tower on the ground. And with today's advanced satellite technology, true 4G high-speed Internet and larger data amounts are starting to become available. Speeds up to 25 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up are available*. Various monthly data plans are available.  

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When to Choose Xplornet Satellite Internet Service