Your #1 Source for High Speed Internet in Rural New Brunswick

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Your #1 Source for High Speed Internet in Rural New Brunswick

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All offers on this website can change or be discontinued at any time without notice. All monthly service plans include the rental cost for the service equipment which belongs to our service provider. If a customer cancels their service for any reason they are responsible for returning all service equipment. If an installation fee is charged it will be applied to the customer's first invoice. If the installation goes beyond the scope of basic installation, additional fees apply. If the customer agrees to advanced installation work, the additional installation costs involved must be paid directly to Source One Satellite. All customers are subject to our service provider's Terms of Service Policies. Taxes are extra. A static IP address is only available in certain areas of New Brunswick and is not currently available with all types of Internet service.

Rental hardware is included with our all-inclusive high-speed Internet plans.

That's right - we supply all hardware required to set up your Internet so there is no hardware to buy. Whether you're ordering LTE or satellite Internet your plan price includes the equipment rental. There is one possible exception for LTE service. An extension pole and guy-wire kit, if required, are an extra charge to the customer.

A router will be required if you'd like to set-up a personal Wi-Fi network within your home.

The #1 question we get from new customers is: "Does your Internet service create a Wi-Fi (wireless) network within my home?". The answer is "No". However, this can easily be achieved via a wireless router connected to the modem. Routers can be purchased from any electronic store and most are not that expensive. Router set-up is not part of our basic installation. Most routers today are not that difficult to set-up but a little "tech know how" is required. If you'd prefer, we can supply and install a router for you at an extra charge. The choice is yours but please let us know in advance because we may not have a router on hand in our service vehicle on the day of your installation.