Your #1 Source for High Speed Internet in Rural New Brunswick
Your #1 Source for High Speed Internet in Rural New Brunswick

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Offers could change any time without notice. Monthly service fees include the rental cost for the service equipment which our service provider retains ownership of. If a customer cancels their service for any reason they are responsible for returning equipment. If an installation fee is to be charged for basic installation, it will be applied to the customer's first invoice. If the installation goes beyond the scope of basic installation, advanced install fees apply. All business customers are subject to our service provider's Terms of Service Policies. Taxes are extra. Actual speed online may vary with your choice of package, technical configuration, Internet traffic, server and/or other factors. Service connection may be placed in a limited state once monthly bandwidth is exceeded. Additional bandwidth charges apply if you go over your bandwidth monthly allowance. A static IP address is only available in certain areas of New Brunswick and is not available on all Internet platforms.

Business Class Rural Internet 

Business Class High Speed Internet solutions for rural NB.

We understand how important it is for businesses located in rural New Brunswick to have access to fast, dependable and affordable high-speed Internet. We install our high-speed LTE and satellite Internet service throughout northeastern NB. 

Reliable high-speed Internet service allows rural businesses to work and compete on a global scale. And New Brunswick's rural ventures are the "backbone" of our economy. That's why we go the "extra mile" to connect them quickly.

So call today to discuss your business Internet requirements. We'll provide a no obligation installation and service quote. We'll get your business set-up quickly.

Call 506-625-2900 today.