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Xplornet Internet Service:

- I live way out in a rural area outside of Miramichi, NB. Can I still get Xplornet high-speed Internet service?

Yes, there's a good chance we can install Xplornet high-speed Internet service at your rural residence. However, a clear-line-of-sight (no trees, branches or other obstructions) is required to our LTE tower or to the southern sky for satellite service. Please go to our "Service Area" page to see a list of the places we serve.

- What Xplornet Internet plans are available and how much do they cost?

There are many different Xplornet Internet plans depending on the service type: satellite or LTE and each service has a range of speeds and data options. To see some popular Xplornet Internet plans, please go to our "Internet Packages" page and then call us at 506-625-2900 for a service quote at your address.

- How do I know how much data I need each month and what Xplornet plan to choose?

Your monthly data requirement depends on what you use your Internet for each month. But now you can simply choose one of Xplornet's New Unlimited data plans for peace-of-mind. Or to learn more about data usage and to help you choose the Internet plan that's right for you, go to our "Data Usage" page.

- I'm buying a house in an area that's on the list of places you serve. Does this mean I can get Xplornet Internet service for sure?

No, we're never 100% certain that we can connect you. Xplornet's Internet platforms are "wireless" meaning we connect to the service via a satellite dish or an LTE fixed wireless transmitter/receiver. On occasion, we come across specific sites where it isn't possible to achieve a good Internet signal. Usually this is because of trees, other obstructions or for some other installation reason beyond our control. It's always best to check with us before you buy and we can do a site-survey for a small fee.

- My next door neighbor has Xplornet Internet service. Does that guarantee a good signal at my residence too?

No, it really doesn't work that way. Every property is different with trees in various locations and of different heights. Maybe your neighbor doesn't have quite as many trees as you. Or maybe we installed high on their roof but can't on yours for one reason or another. There are many variables that impact our Xplornet installation.

- I don't want my credit score to be lowered from ordering Xplornet Internet service. Is there a credit bureau check if I order?

No. But Xplornet has their own internal process which requires you to set-up a pre-authorized payment plan from your bank account or credit card.

- Do I require any cash on installation day when getting Xplornet Internet service?

No, not normally. All Xplornet plans include rental equipment so there's no hardware to buy. Unless you're purchasing a router from us, require advanced installation work or need a specialty hardware bracket, you don't pay us anything. You also have the option to rent a router from Xplornet. Or you can buy your own router at a later date. 

- My kids all have smart phones and tablets. Is Xplornet's Internet service Wi-Fi ready?

No. Xplornets hardware is Wi-Fi capable but not Wi-Fi ready. For this you can set-up a router. You can rent one from Xplornet, buy from us, or purchase one yourself.

- I have a router here somewhere. Will your technician set-it-up when they install my Xplornet Internet?

Sorry, we do not install used routers. Every router manufacture has a different set-up process and we are only familiar with the routers that we have on hand.

- My computer has not been connected to the Internet for a while. Will your technician get my computer working for me?

No, that is not part of what we do. Our technician will bring a laptop to work with. We're only there to install your Xplornet Internet. We don't update your computer.

- Can I pay my Xplornet Internet bill at my local bank or through on line banking?

No, unfortunately those options are not available. Your payments must be set-up on Xplornet's pre-authorized debit (PAD) from your bank account or credit card.

- I live in a rental building. Do I still need written permission from the landlord if there's already an Xplornet dish on the building?

Yes, written permission is always required prior to us installing your Internet service. Please do not schedule your appointment until you have this in hand.

Xplornet Home Phone 

- Can I order Xplornet Home Phone without the Internet?

No. This type of home phone service is not available as a "stand alone" service. It's exclusively for Xplornet Internet customers.

- How much does Xplornet Home Phone cost?

Xplornet has various phone plans. Please check-out our "Home Phone" page for pricing and more information on Xplornet's long distance plans.

- Can I keep my current phone number if I switch to Xplornet Home Phone service?

Probably. Usually Xplornet can port your existing number providing your number is available to be ported, but there is no guarantee. You must sign a transfer form and the process can take several weeks. Xplornet will provide a temporary home phone number to use while you wait.

- Can I use my same phones with Xplornet Home Phone service?

Yes, absolutely. The service will work with any phone. However, because the phone service is a VoIP service, your current phone jacks will not work. We install a VoIP phone modem at your access location. This is where your main phone will be and you then use wireless phones throughout the rest of your home.

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